All the Way Over &
All the Way Back

Jacqui Grennan, 1/2015

Type: Contra

Formation: Becket-CW

Level: Easy


Note: Partner is in one hand, shadow is in the other

A1 -----------

(6) Circle Left 3/4

(10) N Sw (after the swing, shadow is on the left diagonal)

A2 -----------

(3) Ladies right allemande 1/2

(3) P left allemande 3/4

(5) Shadow right allemande 1x

(5) P left allemande once and a little more until ladies face in

B1 -----------

(16) Full Hey for 4 (ladies pass right to start)

B2 -----------

(16) P B&Sw,  slide left

Note: Timing in A2 is fuzzy but it works.