Jeff Spero & Jacqui Grennan, 9/2015

Type: Contra

Formation: Becket-CCW

Level: Int


A1 -----------

(4) Pass thru to ocean wave

(4) Balance the wave

(4) Ladies LH allem. 5/8th, RH to NEXT N (gents step forward along the side) 

(4) Balance the diagonal wave

A2 -----------

(4) with NEW N, RH allem. 5/8th to short (straight across) waves, gents in middle

(4) Balance the wave

(8) N Sw

B1 -----------

(8) LL F&B to P

(8) Gents allemande Left 1-1/2

B2 -----------

(16) P B&Sw

END EFFECTS: Wait out improper on ends.

Note: It may help to point out there are 3 waves in this dance. First is across with current neighbors, second is diagonal with ladies reaching out to new neighbor gents, third is across with new neighbors.

Note: Progression happens in A1, may help to identify first new neighbors on the right diagonal while dancers are in starting Becket position so that the ladies know who to reach out to in A1.