Jacqui Grennan, 7/2013

Type: Contra

Formation: Duple-Improper


A1 -----------

(4) Ladies pass L Shoulders across, gents take 1 step left along the side

(12) P Sw

A2 -----------

(8) Ladies allemande Right 1-1/2 to N

(8) “current” N Left Shoulder Gypsy 1-1/4, turn to face *previous* N

B1 -----------

(8) Prev. N Right Shoulder Gypsy

(8) Prev. N Sw

B2 -----------

(8) Star Left 1x with these N’s

(8) *current* N allemande Right 1-1/2 to NEW N

Notes: Neighbor swing is with previous neighbor, there is no swing with current neighbor. Thus the title. This dance has various end effects and may need to be called for longer than the average dance.

Modified 2/5/17