Jacqui Grennan, 7/2013

Type: Contra

Formation: Duple-Improper


A1 -----------

(4) Ladies pass L Shoulders across, gents take 1 step left along the side

(12) P Sw

A2 -----------

(8) Ladies allemande Right 1-1/2 to N

(8) “current” N Left Shoulder Gypsy 1-1/4, turn to face *previous* N

B1 -----------

(8) Prev. N Right Shoulder Gypsy

(8) Prev. N Sw

B2 -----------

(8) Star Left 1x with these N’s

(8) *current* N allemande Right 1-1/2 to NEW N

Notes: Note: Neighbor swing is with previous neighbor, there is no swing with current neighbor. Thus the title.

Modified 2/5/17