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If you're already going to be at Labor Day Dance Away weekend, join our "Dutch Crossing with a Yankee Twist" workshop during the Labor Day Dance Away Weekend. Workshop is on Sunday, right after lunch, 1:30 - 2:45 p.m. For this 75 minute workshop, our band is Triple A and our caller is Jacqui Ann Grennan. 

Not sure what Dutch Crossing is? Here is a great description by Joseph Pimentel: "This very cool eight-couple dance makes for a bonding experience as everyone cooperates intensively to get the carnival-ride buzz. The original "Dutch Crossing" was written as an English country dance by Ernst van Brakel of the Netherlands. Joseph's "Yankee Dutch Crossing" version includes a balance & swing for extra contra dance satisfaction. Figure on an hour or so for learning and dancing."

The Dutch Crossing workshop will be on Sunday at 1:30 p.m., just after lunch. We'll have sign up sheets so you can sign up in advance to participate. You can sign up individually, as couples, trios, etc. anywhere up to 16 people. Feel free to wear costumes, color coordinate, use accessories (or not) for your group. In this dance, groups of the same 4 people will separate and come back together several times so you can coordinate in groups of 4. Or if you want your whole team to match, coordinate in groups of 16. Whatever makes it fun for you!