Jacqui Grennan, 8/6/2016

Type: Circle Mixer

Formation: Duple-Improper


A1 -----------

* Circle of couples facing in *

(8) Fwd & back 

(4,4) All go forward: Ladies back up while gents turn R to face P

A2 -----------

(8) P DSD 1x

(4) Slide left 4 counts

(4) Slide right, give RH to P, LH to corner, to wavy lines (gents face out, ladies in)

B1 -----------

(4, 4) Bal wave right; allem. RIGHT 1/2 to new waves (gents in, ladies out)

(4, 4) Bal wave right; allem RIGHT 1/2 (gents out, ladies in)

B2 -----------

(16) Corner B&SW - This is your new P

Notes: Gents travel ccw, ladies travel cw

A modification of Sibyl's Roundabout by Les Wootton. 

Alternative A2: P DSD 1x, slide left 4 counts, on count 4, double high five to the next person of opposite dance role in the facing circle

Alternative A2: P DSD 1x, take 2 hands with current P and step to gent’s left together, then back to gent’s right together, taking right hands at the end of the move