Jacqui Grennan, 5/2016

Type: Contra

Formation: Duple-Improper

Level: Easy


A1 -----------

(Couple 1 standing between couple 2 all facing down the hall; left to right: Lady 2, Gent 1, Lady 1, Gent 2)

(4) Four steps down the hall, turn alone (towards neighbor), rejoin hands in lines of 4

(4) Four more steps down the hall, walking backwards

(4) Four steps up the hall, turn alone, rejoin hands in lines of 4

(4) Four more steps up the hall, walking backwards. Bend the line

A2 -----------

(16) 2’s right shoulder ‘round/swing, face up to same N’s

B1 -----------

(16) Same N B&Sw

B2 -----------

(8) 1’s DSD across set

(8) 1’s P Sw (2’s get ready for DTH, 1’s end the swing facing down between new neighbors).

Notes - I like calling the A1 of this dance the way I heard Rick Mohr call it at the Portland Raindance Weekend in April 2016

5-6-here we go

1-2- PIVOT- Backup, and a 1-2-and a come on back

1-2- PIVOT- Backup, and bend that line, 2's gypsy