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10/17/16 Concord, MA, contra dance with Eric Boodman, McKinley James, Julie Vallimont & Jack O'Connor

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Set List: 10/17/2016 at Concord Scout House
Caller: Jacqui Grennan
Music: Jack O’Connor, Eric Boodman, McKinley James, Julie Vallimont

#1 - "Frederick Reel" by Tom Hinds (Improper)
#2 - "Finishing Touches" by Ridge Kennedy (Improper)
#3 - "Black Bird in the Night - Lisa Greenleaf variation" by Don Flaherty & Lisa Greenleaf (Improper)
#4 - "Another Orbit for Liz var. JAG" by Bob Green (Improper)
#5 - "Gypsy Ruth Lee v. 1.3" by Jay Blake (Improper)
#6 - "Through the Looking Glass" by Cary Ravitz (Becket-CW)
** BREAK **
#7 - "Cows are Watching" by Bill Pope & Judy Goldsmith (Becket-CCW)
#8 - "Vote With Your Feet" by Bob Isaacs (Becket-CW)
#9 - "David’s Guiding Star" by Steve Zakon-Anderson (Improper)
#10 - "Kiss the Bride" by Jeff Spero (Improper)
#11 & #12 Medley - "Now We Are Four" by Erik Weberg (Becket-CW)/ "Butter" by Gene Hubert (Becket-CW)