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4/29/17 - South Pasadena, CA, Dutch Crossing at 5th Saturday Dance


At the 5th Saturday dance on 4/29/17!
(Starts soon after the afternoon contra dance session ends)

If you’re an experienced contra dancer or have danced Dutch Crossing in the past, join caller Jacqui Grennan for a power session of Dutch Crossing during the dinner break at the 5th Saturday dance on 4/29/17. Grab some food and then we’ll dance!

What is Dutch Crossing? Dutch crossing is two dances in one, with dancers moving like gears to create a beautiful pattern of movement. It’s a mind-twister and a satisfying dance experience with 15 other dancers in your group!

So stay after the afternoon contra dance, come early before the evening contra dance (arrive around 5:45 p.m.), or fit it in between the two contra dance sessions for a full day of dancing pleasure! It's going to be a blast!