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River Falls, SC, Contra Dance with Ben Schreiber & Jeff Spero

Set List: 1/20/2018 at River Falls, SC
Caller: Jacqui Grennan; Music: Ben Schreiber & Jeff Spero

#1 - "Kiss the Bride" by Jeff Spero (Improper)
#2 - "Simplicity Swing" by Becky Hill (Improper)
#3 - "Snow in July" by Bill Baritompa (Improper)
#4 - "Winter Storm" by Linda Leslie (Becket-CW)
#5 - "Piece of Cake, A" by Carol Kopp (Improper)
#6 - "Joel’s in the Kitchen" by Sue Rosen (Becket-CW)
** BREAK **
#7 - "After the Flu" by Dean Snipes (Improper)
#8 - "A Stroll in the Hey" by Jacqui Grennan (Becket-CW)
#9 - "Mad Robin in Love" by Greg Frock (Improper)
#10 - "United We Dance" by Bob Isaacs (Improper)
#11 - "Hey in the Barn" by Chart Guthrie (Improper)
#12 - "Hot Buttered Rolls" by Perry Shafran (Becket-CW)