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Portland, OR, Contra Dance with InTentCity

Set List: 6/4/2018 at Portland, OR, Norse Hall
Caller: Jacqui Grennan; Music: In-Tent-City

#1 - "After the Flu" by Dean Snipes (Improper)
#2 - "Mood Swings" by Sue Rosen (Improper)
#3 - "Macadamia Nut" by Jim Hemphill (Improper)
#4 - "Catch Me If You Can" by Jim Hemphill (Improper)
#5 - "Rare Bird" by Bob Isaacs var. Lisa Greenleaf (Improper)
#6 - "Zag It Back" by Jacqui Grennan (Becket-CW)
#7 - "A Piece of Cake" by Carol Kopp (Improper) (No walk through)
#8 - "Sling Wave 2" by Jacqui Grennan (Becket-CCW)
** BREAK **
#9 - Medley
          "West by Midwest" by Carol Ormand (Improper)
          "Heartbeat Contra" by Don Flaherty (Improper)
          "Erik Effect" by Ben Werner & Danielle Boudreau (Becket- CW)
#10 - "Hinge Binge" by Bob Isaacs (Becket-CCW)
#11 - "Are You ‘Most Done?" by Russell Owen (Becket-CCW)
#12 - "On the Rebound" by Bob Isaacs & Chris Weller (Becket-CW)
#13 - "Aria is an Aries" by Jean Gibson Gorrindo (Becket-CW)