San Francisco Contra Dance Publicity, 2018

Jacqui Grennan will also be up from Southern Cal to join them on stage at the calling mic. A familiar face to many at contra dances and weekends, Jacqui has been putting her skills as a dancer to work as a caller. She knows what dancers want, and knows how to make it happen.

Santa Rosa Contra Dance publicity, 2017

"Jacqui Grennan is a nationally known caller from L.A. who choreographs many of the dances she calls paying special attention to transitions, connectedness and timing." "Our caller for this special evening will be  Jacqui Grennan who comes to us from the Los Angeles area and is loved all over the country."

Santa Barbara Contra Dance publicity, 2014

"Completing this winning combination is enthusiastic and dynamic Jacqui Grennan from Los Angeles. A spectacular dancer herself, Jacqui has only recently picked up the mic and begun delighting dance crowds throughout California. She has quickly realized how every dance needs careful selection and placement into slots for the evening. She sets a rhythm and a feel to the progression of the program, matching dances to the music the band plays; taking into consideration how the first few dances should help new dancers build up a glossary of basic moves; setting a balance of fast vs. slow dances, etc."